In our stick there is excellent leaf tea directly tested and mixed by us before packing. In particular Ceylon Classic contains pure Ceylon tea without any dust or residue. The absence of powdered leaves allows our tea to maintain a clean taste and a limpid and amber color.



The big changes pass through small revolutions.
Stick Tea is an aluminum disposable infuser. Its 450 holes replace the classic colander in the preparation of bulk tea.
Few passages and the best blends of leafy tea express all of their aroma directly in your cup.

The exclusive design of Stick Tea enhances one of the oldest rites in the world, the preparation of bulk tea.
Designed in accordance with tradition and exaltation of taste. Designed to innovate in practicality and speed up preparation.

Put the Stick Tea in a cup
or empty glass.

Pour hot water over it.
Suck at will.

With the same stick stir the water
until you obtain the desired strenght.

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Our company has been operating for years in the infusion industry in Italy through the bar, hotel and restaurant channels and abroad through a network of leading exclusive distributors in different countries around the world.

Our constant commitment is to produce a high quality product that not only captures the customer for the originality but also for the excellent quality of the product.

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