A selection of the best black tea in the world. The prestigious Ceylon tea, Black Assan of India, the famous Keemun. From darjeeling highlands to chinese plantations, a refined and determined choice.


1 Ceylon Classic

Finest blend of one of the finest tea in the world.

2 Assam Black Tea

Black strong tea from the indian region of Assam.

3 China Black Keemun

China black tea with a natural light fruity flavour.

4 English Breakfast

Selected blend of indian and Ceylon teas.

5 Darjeeling Teas

One of the finest indian tea, light-colored with a floral aroma.

5 Decaffeinated Tea

Decaff Ceylon Tea.

Ideal with

Black tea love strong flavors: if you have an Assam, robust and intense, you can drink it with sweets. If, like the Keemun, the tea has a light floral aroma you can drink it with the meat dishes, if it is as delicate as the Darjeeling, you can risky potatoes and meats white. Always indicated with cheeses.