Hot or cold these red infusions give off a unique flavor thanks to the Hibiscus flowers and the Rose Hip Shells. Naturally caffeine free. Fine fruit flavors. A prestigious and brilliant relaxing drink.


1 Fruit Medley

Rose hip shells and hibiscus flowers scented with a delicious fruity flavour.

2 Blueberry Tea

Refreshing red infusion with a strong blueberry flavour.

3 Orange Kardadè

Red infusion of Ibisco flowers make precious with red orange peel.

4 Cherry Dream

Red infusion with a strong cherry flavour.

5 Vanilla Rooibos

African red tea, naturally caffeine free, rich in antioxidants. Vanilla flavored.

Ideal with

Based on the flowers of Ibisco and Rosa Canina, our infusions with ruby color and fine fruit flavour are great both hot and cold. They make perfect companions for fresh fruits both in summer and winter. The orange Karkadè mates well with cheerful summer salads. All without caffeine, our infusions are relaxing evening drinks.